How to Protect Your Social Profile from Google
Webinar Replay from 01/14/16

Simon Dadia reveals his secret software tool to keep his army of social minions secret from Google and how he uses them to build a social marketing empire from a single computer!

  • Exclusive SEO Privacy Training: The best strategy for building an army of social minions that are virtually at your fingertips to do all the social engagement needed for SEO success and making money.
  • How to Hide All the Social Minions on your Computer Simon shows us how he hides hundreds of social profiles using this new software and some inexpensive proxies to completely make them look like they are all around the country.
  • How to Use the Tools to Quickly Build Hundreds of Followers The social engagement strategy shared is worth the time you invest in watching this webinar. Simon shows in 10 minutes how he builds thousands of likes with these fake personas.
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