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5 Video SEO Tips for 2019

5 Video SEO Tips for 2019 Search engines consider video content to be a marker of useful websites. To give your website the best chance at ranking well in search, you need to put more video content online. If you follow the 5 tips we’ve included below, you’ll improve your search rank and keep visitors…

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Case Study: Owning Page 1 of a Google Keyword

Have you ever “Owned” the entire Page 1 of a Google Keyword? Well I finally did it… I know it’s not a highly searched keyword. In addition, it’s not your typical highly competitive launch jacking keyword. Watch this video to see how I did it…   Yet, I’ve noticed a few sales in the last…

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What is the Future of Live Streaming on YouTube for Video Marketers

I’ve been getting several emails and PM’s about Live Streaming for Video Marketers. Both on how to use this Live Streaming to rank new videos faster than normal uploads and what happens when YouTube bans their channel for abusing this ranking loophole and their Terms of Service. Likewise, I keep reading on multiple Facebook groups…

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