EasyVSL 2.0 – It’s still missing a few key ingredients

OK, I've been working all afternoon on creating what I thought would be a great comparison video between Content Samurai and EasyVSL2.

What I've found is that Easy VSL version 2.0 is still missing a few key ingredients.


What I wanted to try was the slideshow with a video slide pattern interrupt right in the middle of the VSL video. Audio syncing is hard and that is why it really takes 2 pieces of software to get it right (PowerPoint and Camtasia) or else a single video solution that tends to be pricier than most off the shelf video editor solutions (ie. Content Samurai).

This was supposed to be a 5 to 10 minute video creation. Instead it's turned into a few hours of setup, audio testing, syncing issues, and a little bit of frustration.

On EasyVSL2, the audio sync is still not quite there on a direct recording, too many buttons to transition to new slide. And it didn't do any audio tuning or sweetening of the recording like CS does before creating the final VSL.

And when I tried to import 2 different sections with a video slide in the middle, the software wanted to stack the audio voice tracks instead of putting them on either side of the video slide. Also there was no pre-included background music, you have to get the upgrade. Whereas, CS has it music and audio tuning within a few clicks of the slides.

However, one of the good things with EasyVSL is that it does text to speech with a female computer synthesized voice from your text. It also does translations. I didn't try that, because I would have no idea if the translation is correct. Also EasyVSL might be a good solution for a straight slide show with a single imported audio voice track. It does a cool thing with sync on the single track.

With that said, this might work for people that don't want to be on audio or would like a cheaper alternative to CS. I do test these software video creators through some pretty sophisticated scenarios. Because I would like to save money too and the Sales page pitch really makes it sound like this is the exact solution needed. This is the first major upgrade past their initital release early this year.

They are almost there and just need 1 or 2 more ingredients to get it to taste right and smelling good.

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