Enigma: Cracking the Nazis Code

Enigma Machine

This was Poland's first encounter with the infamous Enigma coding machine.”

Nobody had successfully cracked Germany's Enigma code, but the Poles were determined to try. A group of ingenious young cryptographers, led by Marian Rejewski, tackled Enigma with innovative algorithmic techniques. By 1932 they had constructed a functioning model of the machine and were decoding German military communications. However, it was a continual struggle for code breakers to keep pace.

In 1938 the Germans created an enhanced and refined Enigma machine. The Poles could no longer decode German messages. Knowing war was on the way, they exchanged their resources with the French and British, just weeks before the Germans attacked.

It was an invaluable gift.

The Poles were decades in front of other countries with cracking Enigma. Their efforts led the way for the well-known code-breaking endeavors that inevitably allowed the Allies to decipher the Germans' most secret messages, which proved crucial in winning the war.”

How does knowing what your competitors are saying benefit your content?

Enigma in the field

The Germans had full confidence that Enigma was unbreakable and would never be used against them. Much like your competitors and how their messages can be used to get the better of them.

Going back to the story, the Germans were unaware of the secretive attempts to break their keyword coding system, which worked to the advantage of the Allied forces. In this scenario, your competitors are the coded German forces and you are the Allied forces only three steps behind.

However, this cycle can be broken just like how the Allies broke into Enigma. A program I frequently use is TubeTycoon, which monitors and pulls keywords from online videos. Once the program pulls the “coded” keywords from your competitions’ content, it then provides optimal title and description suggestions for optimized ranking. An added feature to this program is its private network of “allied” bloggers used to distribute your content against your competitors.





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