I get so many “IM Gurus” emails that I’m almost blind to them. Until this one…

This is an absolute first…

I've never talked about any “Internet Marketing Gurus” email before. I've seen so many, I'm almost blind to them. Until this one…

Russell Brunson, one of the top dogs in the internet marketing world. Founder of Dotcom Secrets, Click Funnels, and hundreds of software/training products has got my attention with this one email. Yes, I get tons of email from Russell and have met him a couple of times at seminars as well, he always teaches more than he sells. So getting emails from him are learning opportunities so I keep them and move them into a “Read Later” folder.

However, this one simple email that I copied below got my attention and actually triggered an “ah-ha” moment.

Quickly glancing over this email, the periscope video and the message typed on the video stopped me in my tracks. This time I actually stopped to read it and didn't “save for later”.

The Periscope videos truly disappear after 24 hours and I know whatever message he had would be gone if I didn't watch it right now. This truly is a limited time offer. I know that I would probably not get to my “read later” folder for a few months. So I watched it.

Russell is a master storyteller and probably one of the top 3 funnel building experts in the world. And sure enough, I felt like I was opening a Russian doll full of penguins, each step took me further down the rabbit hole of shiny new objects.


The moral of this story, is that using Persicope is fast, easy and FREE. And when used in the right context with a good hook and a simple call to action, it can be incredibly powerful.

So study, copy, swipe the idea and make it your own.

Good Luck and Rank Hard





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