The Lady is a Spy

Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker

“One of her superiors was unconvinced, ‘I was afraid she was one of those shallow showgirls who would shatter like glass if exposed to danger.’ She proved them wrong…”

When the Germans invaded Paris, she let members of the Resistance hide out in her remote chateau. Dispatched to nonpartisan Lisbon to set up contact with the Free French, she arranged performances as a cover story, and transported crucial information written with invisible ink on her sheet music.

“The destiny of the Free French,” said her boss, Colonel Paolle, “was written in part on the pages of ‘Two Loves Have I.'”

Welcomed to diplomatic parties, she played the part of a ditsy dancer, and afterwards documented everything she heard. “My notes would have been compromising if discovered,” she said later, “but who would have searched Josephine Backer to the skin.”

As a result of her war efforts, Charles de Gaulle awarded her the Legion d'Honneur and the Medaille de la Resistance. She became the only woman ever to receive a 21-gun salute in France when she died.

How does a sexy secret spy relate to ranking your content?

Josephine Baker in uniform

Josephine Baker in uniform

By listening to the opposition’s “keywords,” Baker infiltrated the inner circle of information and passed it along to the French Resistance to use in their plans.

Josephine Baker was a woman with many talents, and her covert spying skills can be yours. Which means in this scenario, you are the French Resistance aiming to beat your German competition. But where does Josephine Baker fit in?

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