What is the Future of Live Streaming on YouTube for Video Marketers

I've been getting several emails and PM's about Live Streaming for Video Marketers. Both on how to use this Live Streaming to rank new videos faster than normal uploads and what happens when YouTube bans their channel for abusing this ranking loophole and their Terms of Service. Likewise, I keep reading on multiple Facebook groups and industry related blogs the same general questions, “how can I benefit from live streaming as a video marketer?”


First off, Live Streaming is not going away. Both YouTube and recently Facebook have made huge investments in Live Streaming with expectations of increased audience views and longer engagement times. Thus, making both video platforms more ad revenue money.


YouTube made live streaming available less than 3 years ago and Facebook in the last year. Both believe live streaming is the future of video and where the internet is going in the next decade. The near future (if not now) makes everyone with a smart phone and a Wi-Fi connection, a Live Journalists and field reporter for the World. In fact, YouTube and Facebook may have their own problems of broadcasting live content that is copyrighted after post production. Think NFL games and Movie theater (bootleg movie versions)…


More specifically on the questions that I'm being directly asked, I wanted to comment on the latest post in our Facebook group from Scott Parat.


Anybody know anything about a Google slap on videos created with YouTube live or that whole live streaming method of ranking videos quickly?



Scott, I've read in the Live Stream Genius (LSG) group that a few people have had channels and/or accounts banned, or videos simply de-indexed. I don't think it's very common, but it is happening regardless and should be addressed. In fact, I think it's more prevalent for video marketers that are streaming the same videos over and over to the same channel in a very short time frame.


My advice is use LSG but don't abuse it. Use the software like you would do it yourself if you were manually streaming live. Meaning, how often would you stream a live show yourself throughout the day? Personally, I would not do more than a few per day on a single channel. And I would deliver to different Google accounts in the PRO version, (see my notes below).


I use LSG Pro and absolutely can attest that this is one of the best video marketing tools out there. And it's one of the steps that I use to consistently rank videos on Page 1 of Google. There are some other tools out there that are live streaming and they have no governor on the speed up the uploads. I some of these tools maybe penalizing others that are trying to do it right. I also think this is one of the reasons that YouTube is starting to take notice. The overabundance of some very eager marketers to place 1000's of videos on to YouTube through Live streams in a very short time frame has even caused Google to take notice. I've seen some of my videos, that Google is slower at giving my own videos the live stream ranking boost.


I have been Google slapped a few times over the last 10 years and lost rankings, sites, and a lot of microblogs and blogger farms due to the Penguin and Panda updates. So I know first hand what happens when you try to game the system. Eventually Google will name an animal after these SEO tricks. However, what I have noticed is that quality content that is viewed and shared will always be favored by Google.

Nowadays, I try to focus on quality of content and adding some fun stuff along the way in all my video channels (using a manual upload method) and social accounts to give each of my channels a personality.


So, as you plan to rank your next video, try to apply these 10 tips listed below to get the most benefit out of Live Streaming to YouTube.



My top 10 tips for Live Streaming to YouTube for Video Marketers (and how not to get banned):

  1. Make it look LIVE! YouTube algorithms will be (or already are) smart enough to recognize a live show versus a PLR animated commercial being streamed. If they know you are gaming the system with pre-made animated video streams or pre-recorded videos that look like they could never be done in a real live stream, YOU risk getting slapped or banned in the future… Just my opinion and is based on my personal experience with Google.
  2. Before Live Streaming, put some research and thought into the title, tags, & descriptions. Use your Keyword in the title, along with slight variations. Also, spin your descriptions and tags. But, keep it readable!!!
  3. Don't do keyword stuffing in the description.  Make your descriptions readable and add your money link near the top of the description. Use variations of your keyword in real sentences that people would read. Also, point out other videos or channels that maybe related by interlinking other videos in your channel and reference video URLS. But don't go overboard on cross promoting. 3 to 4 reference URL links at the most in a video description.
  4. Make a custom thumbnail for each video that is streamed. that evoke curiosity and teases the viewer into clicking the listing in Google. Live Stream it in a normal manner that is not abusing the power & frequency that LSG Pro offers.
  5. Go back afterwards to fill in all the advanced options. This signals YouTube that a real person just uploaded and is taking care of business. Believe me this works.
  6. Run it through VidPenguin.  Once the thumbnail is live, run it through VidPenguin. This is my normal ranking procedure to get it on Google page 1.
  7. Share the Videos to your social networks listed in YouTube. YouTube tells you which social networks they value, directly inside the video. Go in and share to a handful of these social networks directly from the video share link.
  8. Get friends and followers to watch the video. This helps the video in rankings. Especially if they come in from one of the VidPenguin variations or from a RSS Feed.
  9. Likes, Shares, and Comments are music to YouTube's ears. And this also helps get rankings in both YouTube and Google. Ask for likes and Shares directly in your video on the bumper or inside the main video.
  10. Add annotations and cards to the video after it's rendered and final thumbnail is viewable. Great time to ask for likes or subscribes to you channel. Also make sure you put your money link in the annotations and cards if you have it linked in YouTube.


So there you have it. My top 10 tips for using Live Streaming as a Video Marketer. I know there are dozens of other ranking tricks that you can use. However, I caution you, Google is watching us and going “Hog Wild” using every ranking tool and blackhat strategy immediately after a live stream, is like waving a red cape in front of a charging bull.


Ranking videos on Google is part strategy, part automation, part experience. I try to teach it all in VidPenguin.com and have had incredible results being just a little bit better than my competitors.


Let me know what you think.



Rank Hard

Damon Nelson


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