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That I Use and Endorse

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I take very serious the products and courses that I endorse.
So, please read below before buying.

On almost every promotion, I either get a review copy or else I purchase the products myself.

Then, I go through the software and training to see if it’s something I would use myself. I’m looking to see if it lives up to the sales page promises or can I use it in way that would that would help my video marketing and consulting business.

If it's easy to understand and simple to implement into my own video marketing, then I'll check out further. Going through the reviews and checking out other products from the product creator.

If everything looks good, and the software or training will make both you and I better marketers, then I'll create my own review. As well as, I'll package up some exclusive bonuses that I think would add value to the product.

Now occasionally, I'll run across products that are great, but the training sucks or the marketing opportunities are not clearly shown. And in that case, I'll create an exclusive training course to help you maximize the results you get from my recommendation.

I don't try to promote every "Shiny Object" that comes along. Because if you're like me, your inbox is already filled with the exact same "product of the day" and “buy it now” emails.

Most of these launches are over-hyped by the marketers with large lists and little concern for the quality of the recommendation.

I respect your time and want you to succeed with the best tools and training that I've personally tested or use myself.

And believe me, I check out dozens of new launches every week and I’m constantly being pitched to by all the affiliate managers about their new products. Some of these product launches promise the world, but most seldom deliver.

What most of them don't tell you, is that it does take time and effort to get the same results as shown on their sales pages, and often they fail to mention that you sometimes need a big list or a very active social presence to get anywhere close to their "proven results".

Because of all the time it takes to research, learn, and implement these tools and training in my own business, I am often slow to promote other products, especially on big launches. And many of these product promotions listed below, I do earn a commission for the referral or endorsement, if you buy through my links.

However, if you see me promote the product, you can rest assured that I've vetted the products and training courses. In most cases, I've had long conversations with the product creator about where they are going with the products and I make sure it matches with what you'll need in the future.

Do I miss the boat sometimes on great products? Absolutely!!!

Do I sometimes get it wrong? On occasion…

I try to do a great job with every endorsement. But I’m human and sometimes I only see the best in the opportunity promised and miss on the fact that their support can’t keep up or the software may not be fully developed to its potential

I try to give you honest and fair reviews, along with some very exclusive bonuses that you can only get with my recommended purchases.

I'm here to help you make more money each month with the best tools and training.

Now, below this video, I’ve listed my top 10 tools that I use daily in my own video marketing and consulting business. In addition, there are some additional tools that I use as needed to accomplish certain objectives.

Plus I also listed my five favorite training courses that I have consumed this year and that I feel like you could use to benefit your own marketing business.

And finally, at the end you'll find some of my most recent recommendations.

I'll always be adding to this list, so please bookmark this page and check back often.

And if there is a product that you want me to check out in the future, please PM me on Facebook and I'll look at it.

So sit back and enjoy these reviews and recommendations. And help me out by sharing this recommendations page on your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


Rank hard Penguins



Here Are My Top 10 Tools That I Use DAILY In My Business

  1. Camtasia Studio (version 9) - I use this as my primary Video Editor and for the Screencasts recordings
  2. VidPenguin - Seriously... This is our flagship software for a reason. This is how I start ranking my Videos on Page 1 of Google
  3. PowToon - I just upgraded from the Free Version to the Business Version. They have added so much to this platform and made it 10 times faster than it used to be. You probably have seen a few of these recent cartoon ads that I'm posting in FB and on my emails GIFs. You will love this too.
  4. BleuPage -  Manage ALL your Social Media & eCom Accounts in one place. I really like the ability to make 1 post and go to dozens of fan pages and groups. MY LAZY POSTING METHOD
  5. SegMateApp - Facebook Messenger autobot system. This is going to change the way you market in 2018. And is the platform for my new MemoBots service. MORE DETAILS COMING IN MARCH 2018
  6. WP FreshStart 4.0 - This is a must have plugin for WordPress sites. I use this to setup sites in less than 10 minutes and to make sure they are all setup the same way with security, admin control, site optimization, image compression, and GTM implementation. MY FAVORITE WORDPRESS PLUGIN
  7. Interactr - A clever way to setup a video engagement funnel. Let the viewer choose which videos they want to watch and lead them down a series of micro-commitments to a call to action...
  8. LetSpinio - Gamification for all your websites. Capture leads, award prizes, deliver coupons, and keep them on the page longer. This also has a very unique lead capture integration with SegMate for adding leads directly into Facebook Messenger. And my final ah-ha moment is that you overlay this on top of any html page... THIS IS A GAMECHANGER
  9. LiveReach - A simple desktop software that streams your pre-recorded videos to both Facebook Live and YouTube Live. It runs on Adobe Air and is super easy to link to your accounts. NEW TO THE BOARD
  10. SpyStream - Great software tracking tool for my websites. I can go to 1 place and see how every site, every page, and every promotion is doing. As well as see a heatmap of visitor engagement and mouse movements.

And here are some additional software tools that I use on occasion. They are integral in my business, giving me a distinct competitive advantage in building my internet marketing presence. (in no particular order).

  • RSSMasher - This is our own RSS syndication software and I use it to post all my new articles, affiliate links, and YouTube Videos on top of Viral posts as the money hooks. The beauty about this software, is what I call a "Set it and Forget it" software.
  • Live Stream Genius - I use this to start the uploading process to YouTube. Live YT Videos still get preferential treatment and this is the easiest way I know to stream a pre-recorded video to YouTube as a Live show (see my webinar replays on this below)
  • Reevio - Need an easy way to make a professional video or TV commercial, just by adding some text and a few images. This is the easy button. Plus it can make those Facebook Cover videos. The only reason it's not in my TOP 10 is that they are working through some bugs and render time issues. [UPDATE 2/28/18: Most of the bugs are gone now and render times are still are manageable, but the options available for professional videos in any niche is still the best reason to buy this online software]
  • Content Samurai - I use this to turn articles and emails into stunning animated video slideshows. This is a bit more expensive than the rest, but it is well worth it.
  • PlayTraffic - I use this software to rank Playlists in Google. When you use this ranking strategy, you can often get multiple first page listings with your videos, playlists, and site links
  • Email Copy Pro - When I need to write a great email autoresponder series, I simply tap into the Best Email Copywriter in the world.
  • Buffer - This is one of those tools that you wonder why no one else is using it. This is how I schedule and syndicate content on to my social platforms. This is my secret sauce for growing very active Facebook groups and my own personal profile. (the other tool that works with this is
  • OptimizePress - My main WordPress theme that I use for sales pages, affiliate promos, and custom landing page funnels.
  • Quotamator - I just love this simple, yet powerful way to create inspiring and motivational "animated" video quotes on Facebook posts. And it automates the posting schedule for you. Go out a year in posts. This is another one of those "Set it and Forget it" software tools that I love to use.
  • ViralReach - This just came on the market and it is one of the easiest ways to dominate your own Facebook Fan Pages with automated posting from High Authority sites, pictures, GIFS, and RSS Feeds.
  • LetClicks - Simply the easiest way to make clickable image posts in Facebook that gets the clicks. I bought the PRO upgrade to get a nifty image builder with CTA and play buttons.
  • RSS Feed Finder - Lisa Allen has come out with a new version of her popular software. This update has some nice feature updates that makes it even quicker to find trending and popular RSS FEEDS. In fact, I am shooting a new training video on how to use RSS Feed Finder to build a news agency site. (I'll share this in a few weeks)

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Here Are The Best Video Training Courses That I Recommend this Year

  1. CommissionMachine - BEST AFFILIATE TRAING... Michael Cheney put this out a couple of years ago and had a major strategy update this year. Recently, I spent a few days "off-line" just consuming this new training. The new, updated training is a complete game changer for my business this year. Want to wake up every morning checking your PayPal account to see what came in overnight? I do...  Then check this out!
  2. Eben Pagan's Wakeup ProductiveWant of the best ways that I have found this year to be a lot more productive. How to master the “inner game” of productivity FIRST, so becoming productive becomes a natural by-product. He is the Master and you'll walk away with a whole new perspective on your business.
  3. Camtasia Mastery - If you really want to learn Camtasia over a weekend and be able to create professional commercials and profit pulling sales videos, this is the course you need. Lon Naylor and Ron Hogue have combined 2 products into 1. You will love their teaching style.
  4. Rapid Profit System - Omar Martin is one of the few affiliate marketing guys that I will jump out there and buy all his training courses. He has incredibly easy to understand step-by-step videos to teach internet marketers how to do affiliate marketing on JVZoo.
  5. CBS Formula - OK, I'm a little partial to this training. I spent weeks with Precious and we compiled all his traffic getting methods into an easy to consume video training course. If you want to build your own email lists for info courses and ecom products, this would be a great start.

Here are my studio equipment recommendations

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