VidHit Installation and Setup Training

If you have access to any type of video creator, video editor, or even if you outsource your video production, it’s TIME to start profiting from your videos with VidHit, the WordPress Theme that turns you into a Video Agency!

What is VidHit? It's a premium WordPress Theme built specifically for selling your videos to the masses. You can literally create your own "video agency" with just a few clicks, showing off your videos to potential clients.

Building Your New VidHit Site - Part 1 of 2

Building Your New VidHit Site - Part 2 of 2

Here are the tools that we used to create the brand and the opening video in the installation videos above.


The smart video maker software. Your videos will not only look incredible, they will have the ability to change languages, display the viewers name, and even have a call button feature embedded in the video. You've got to see this for yourself. Click Here to watch a demo


The absolute fastest and easiest way to build your company's brand or image. This is like having a graphic designer sitting at your desk to waiting to create you create professional brands and logos instantly. Click Here to watch a demo

Want some professional HD niche videos with branding kits & banner ads to sell on your new site?

Watch this video as I reveal the best TV quality PowerPoint templates and learn how I create my secret upsell packages using branding kits and banner ads

(Hint: I'm going to be adding these branding kits as an upsell to the video marketing services AND to sell additional services on my VidHit theme)
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Bonus - Exclusive VidPenguin Bonus if you purchase Levidio Volume 4 from the link above.

Important: to get this bonus, you must buy through our link above. You'll then find the link to the "VidPenguin Docs" on your JVzoo receipt page at the bottom of the page.